Clients and Projects


Ravenswood Outdoors leads the sales and marketing programs for QuietKat, an Eagle, Colorado-based manufacturer of fat-tire electric mountain bikes.

Since 2017, the agency has been responsible for nearly $4 million in ebike sales to consumers and retailers.  We focus on nationwide retail business development, managing a sales team based throughout the Western U.S., and support several specialty online retailers.

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Pete on Boneyard Trail



Canniloq designs and manufactures premium-quality, waterproof, child-resistant personal storage containers.  Canniloq’s products are rugged, reusable and responsible. Their TXD container is constructed of a durable reinforced polymer and designed to withstand thousands cycles of refurbishment and reuse.  In order to reduce single-use plastic waste, Canniloq is collaborating with dispensaries – introducing the TXD as an environmentally friendly, reusable, refillable exit container.  Ravenswood Outdoors is leading that sales and marketing effort for Canniloq.



The Coxa Carry backpack with its unique ergonomic carrier system optimizes the weight distribution and totally relieves the upper body from pressure.  It is a backpack suitable for demanding workouts in cycling, hiking, running or skiing.  Ravenswood Outdoors is proud to represent this innovative Swedish company as they introduce their products to the American endurance sports market.